About Us

V-SHARP MAGNET PVT. LTD. is an endeavor by a team of experts with collective experience of more than 100 years into manufacturing of Enamelled Copper Wire also known as Super Enamelled Copper Wire, Winding Wire & Magnet Wire.

V-SHARP MAGNET PVT. LTD. uses world’s best technology and best available skilled human resources to ensure adherence to well defined processes & finest quality of finished product.

V-SHARP MAGNET PVT. LTD. pursues excellence by combining its strengths to create opportunities, constantly exploring new ideas and proposing customized & innovative solutions to customers.

Everyone at V-SHARP MAGNET PVT. LTD. is committed to working as one, and to build ever-stronger relationships with customers, communities and all other stakeholders.

Management Vision

It is our goal to be one of the world’s leading winding wire manufacturers in value creation and customer satisfaction.

Starting from humble beginning with just two lines, V-SHARP MAGNET PVT. LTD. has developed into one of the prominent manufacturer. Our goal is to reach to the status of the most customer preferred manufacturer. We aim to bring out the smiles to our customers by giving them maximum value addition thereby raising customer satisfaction levels.

We strive to develop as a strong and independent company through creating maximum value for our customers, our stakeholders and ourselves. From the top management team to our newest colleagues, our combined effort will give rise to an even higher quality of product and service than ever before.

To fulfill our vision of becoming one of the leading manufacturers, we will implement our strategies through strong and swift management practices that can adapt to the ever changing global business environment. We look forward to show you the best of V-SHARP MAGNET PVT. LTD. as we continue to evolve and grow.