V Therm

Product Description

This Dual Coated Copper wire with base coat of Theic Modified Polyesterimide and over coated with Polyamide-imide provides high Thermal, mechanical as well as chemical strength. It is advised for high speed winding.

Note: Triple coated wire can be supplied on request for better flexibility.

NEMA MW 35C – MW 73C
IEC 60317-13
High thermal resistance
High mechanical resistance
Resistance to transformer oil and solvents
Regular winding in high speed

Thermal Characteristics
Thermal Index0C200
Heat Shock0C>220
Cut Through Temperature0C> 340
Layer And Size Range
Grade 1 (L)0,100 mm≤ 0 ≤5,000 mm
Grade 2 (2L)0,100 mm≤ 0 ≤5,000 mm

Chemical Characteristics
Resistance To SolventH6H
Resistance To AbrasionVery Good
Eletrical Characteristics
Breakdown VoltageV > 2 x IEC Value